Enric Ventura

Publications (updated 09/2018)

Visiting MathSciNet you will find the updated list of publications already appeared, with the corresponding reviews. Also, here there is a list of some citations to my articles.

Click on the reference number for the abstracts and other available material.

Erdös number 4 via, for example              E. Ventura  -  W. Dicks  -  E.W. Formanek  -  W.W. Li  -  P. Erdös
   E. Ventura  -  M. Lustig  -  G. Levitt  -  J.L. Nicolas  -  P. Erdös
   E. Ventura - P. Weil - J. Rhodes - R. Graham - P. Erdös
 E. Ventura - F. Bassino - H. Prodinger - J. Moon - P. Erdös

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